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Trustee’s Sale notices and Sheriff’s Sale notices are required by law to provide notice to the public that a creditor is auctioning a property. Pamplin Media Group serves as the leading source for Judicial and Non-Judicial sale listings in several Oregon counties, including Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas.


When new probate cases are filed, notice to creditors is generally required to be published.  Pamplin Media Group is the recognized source for the majority of probate notices published in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties.  We handle everything from notice writing to affidavit issuance.


Local businesses rely on Pamplin Media Group to satisfy public notice requirements, for items such as corporate dissolutions. We also offer notice writing for no additional charge, and issuance of affidavits following publication, to make compliance official.

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Pamplin Media Group publishes more local newspapers than any other company in Oregon.  This means we are able to serve city, county and state offices, school districts, fire districts, etc., when they need to notify their community of public hearings and meetings, or other official business. We are the recognized leader for notice placement in Oregon, and our newspapers and websites ensure all notices are easily accessible to the public.


Whether its local law enforcement providing notice to the public regarding forfeited property or seizures, or giving plaintiffs the ability to serve defendants via publication, Pamplin Media Group is the overwhelming choice for accomplishing statutorily compliant notification, utilizing our huge community reach.


Public interest in auctions of unclaimed storage unit property has risen dramatically. Prior to conducting these sales, state statutes require notice to be published. Pamplin Media Group provides the perfect advertising medium for compliance, and for reaching those in the community, interested in participating in these auctions.

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Marc Caplan 

Public Notices Manager

(503) 799-3274

Kristine Humphries

Public Notice and Legal Coordinator

(971) 204-7785

Samuels Yoelin Kantor LLP has used Marc Caplan extensively in connection with our legal notice needs. Marc’s service has alwys been impeccable, his response time immediate, and his follow-through stellar. Through 40 years of practice, I have never encountered a problem with either Marc or his service. In a world where things can go wrong on a regular basis, Marc sets himself apart from the crowd through his reliability and dependability. His response time is exemplary. I am privileged to have been able to work with Marc for so many years.

Stephen E. Kantor, Partner

Attorneys at Law, Samuels Yoelin Kantor, LLP

"Throughout the years, I've found Marc Caplan to be a wonderful source for handling my publication needs; not only for probates, but for foreclosure notices and the rest of the legal work I do, that may require publication. When I learned that Marc had left his former employer and become associated with the Pamplin Media Group, I immediately instructed our paralegals to follow him. That way, I know my pub- lication work will be done right the first time."  

Richard A Uffelman

Shareholder, Buckley Law P.C. 

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Pamplin Media Group publishes more than 25 Oregon newspapers in eight counties, serving well over 500,000 weekly readers, providing the ideal platform for Marc to handle the legal and public notice needs of our customers.