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You should be publishing your Bids and Sub-Bids in the Business Tribune

Here's why: Your notice will be seen by more than 200,000 print readers each week and more than 180,000 online readers monthly thereby increasing your chances to recieve multiple responses from which to choose. 

Your notice will appear in print and online in numerous cities and counties throughout Oregon

Publishing with us ensures compliance is certified through issuance of our notarized Affidavit of Publication, verifying the day(s) the notice appeared in one of our qualified newspapers of general circulation.

Pamplin Media Group is not only locally owned, but all facets of processing and production are handled by our experienced in-house team, ensuring quick turn around and acuracy. 

Tuesday and Friday Bi-Weekly Distribution and Readership: 

180,000 web views and over 200,000 Industry and trade readers.

Hoffman Construction routinely advertises subcontractor opportunities in the Business Tribune.  Their extensive network reaches potential bidders in many local communities.

Jon Grasle

Hoffman Construction Company

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To learn more, please contact: Marc Caplan Public Notice Manager (503) 799-3274